Mokhtar Mohammadi
Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Information Technology
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Presenting the best prediction model of water inflow into drill and blast tunnels among several machine learning techniques Published
Improved Butterfly Optimization Algorithm for Data Placement and Scheduling in Edge Computing Environments Published
Real‑Time COVID-19 Diagnosis from X-Ray Images Using Deep CNN and Extreme Learning Machines Stabilized by Chimp Optimization Algorithm Published
Random noise attenuation in seismic data using Hankel sparse low-rank approximation Published
Artificial intelligence approaches and mechanisms for big data analytics: a systematic study Published
Tunnel geomechanical parameters prediction using Gaussian process regression Published
Hearing loss prevalence and years lived with disability, 1990–2019: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 Published
Dynamic reduction of time and cost uncertainties in tunneling projects Published
Forecasting sidewall displacement of underground caverns using machine learning techniques Published
Dynamic prediction models of rock quality designation in tunneling projects Published
Artificial intelligence forecasting models of uniaxial compressive strength Published
Towards Data and Computation Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing: Taxonomy, Overview, and Future Directions Published
A comprehensive survey and taxonomy of the SVM-based intrusion detection systems Published
A new Look-ahead Restoration of Critical Loads in the Distribution Networks during Blackout with considering Load curve of Critical Loads Published
An Improved Simulation Model for Pedestrian Crowd Evacuation Published
Forecasting maximum surface settlement caused by urban tunneling Published
Spike Detection Based on the Adaptive Time–Frequency Analysis Published
Fall Detection Using Neural Network Based on Internet of Things Streaming Data Published
Decision-making in tunneling using artificial intelligence tools Published
Evolving deep convolutional neutral network by hybrid sine–cosine and extreme learning machine for real-time COVID19 diagnosis from X-ray images Published
Machine learning forecasting models of disc cutters life of tunnel boring machine Published
A Signal Processing Method for Text Language Identification Published
AMAPG: advanced mobile authentication protocol for GLOMONET Published

Book Title Type Publisher Docs
Transactions on Computational Science & Computational Intelligence Member of International Scientific Jornal Springer