Shareef Maulod Shareef (شریف مولود شریف)
Assistant professor
Education and Languages
Department of General Education
General Specialization: Computer Science
Specific Specialization: Digital Communications Network & Electronic Government

Shareef holds a BSc in Physics from Mousel University, Iraq in 1990. He received an MSc in Digital Communications Networks in 2005 from London Metropolitan University with distinction. He has worked as an expert in ICT Centre at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Region of Iraq in 2007. He joined the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering at the University of East London as a Ph.D. student in April 2009. He has published various papers along with participation in reviewing various conferences. He is also a member of many professional bodies in his area of specialisation, such as IET. He became a Fellow of Higher Education Academy in the UK in 2011. He worked as a head of software and Informatics Engineering Department since 2012-2017 at Salahaddin University-Erbil-Iraq. Currently working as a dean of College of Education and Languages at Lebanese French University-Erbil-Kurdistan-Iraq.